Lift Cabin design

The range of cabins design has a variety of series for different customers’ needs.

CW82 - cabins are the Luxurious series, an elegant essentiality with a practical strength. The Luxurious series becomes more precious with the Luxurious Plus series, the perfection of style in a technological modernity of materials which uses highest quality no-scratch steel, worked with excellent embossed finishing of a strong visual impact and it represents a reference point in the resistance and duration too.

CW83 - cabins can be solid, reliable and economic, realized with a sturdy pre-varnished plate. The standard walls in the colours are white, beige, green, blue and pink. The highest quality rolled materials also are available in no-scratch. In the range of different and resistant colours it’s possible to match flooring af the same value like granulated marble, rubber tile and carpet.

CW85 - cabins, in the Stainless steel range of hairline, mirror or original embossed finishing is not only solid, clean and bright but can be the use of material for different designs also.

CW87 - cabins, in the Stainless steel range of various colcourful and embossed finishing has not only a strong visual impact but represents a reference point in the stain resistance and duration too.

CW88 - cabins, in the Wood range elegant and quality are united by the care in detail, the research of the best chromatic matching and wide range of materials, so as to satisfy many different combinations requirements, adequately. The range of elevators that looks at the natural style which provides a comfortable, warm and family setting.

CW82-01M CW83-01M   CW83-02M   CW83-03M
CW83-05M CW83-06M   CW85-01M   CW87-06
CW88-01M CW88-02M   CW88-03M   CW88-05